What is Jujutsu?

The art itself is a total combat system developed solely for the purpose of close-in, hand-to-hand combat. As with most traditional Japanese Jujutsu, the opponent is first struck or kicked to a vital area prior to a throw or technique being applied. Juko-Ryu Jujutsu practitioners not only learn the blocks, strikes, throws, locks, sweeps, chokes, joint dislocations, pins and reaps of Jujutsu, but can also earn dan (black belt) rank in Kempo jutsu, Kobujutsu (weaponry) Iai- jutsu (Samurai Katana) and may apply to study Combat-Ki.

Translated into English, Jujutsu means “gentle art”. The gentleness of the art is expressed in the execution of the technique, and is not reflected in the effect upon the attacker, except at the discretion of the person executing the technique. Using the techniques, a person may either control an opponent with minimum amount of pain (neutralization), or use a technique designed to produce a great deal of pain by breaking bones or dislocating joints (immobilization). Many times the only difference between neutralization and immobilization is the amount of pressure applied to the technique. Other determining factors would be the direction of the line of force, and of course, the circumstances of the situation where force was deemed necessary. The resistance of the opponent could also determine how painful a technique would be.

Jujutsu is the most potentially destructive of all the martial arts. A student of Jujutsu has studied the forerunner of Judo (throws, chokes, and leverage), Aikido (joint locks, and circular control of an opponent), Karate, and Kempo (punching, kicking, blocking, and striking).


What is Combat Submission Wrestling?

Combat grappling is a system that was developed by the Samurai class. This special training consists of ancient techniques designed for one purpose — staying ALIVE when taken to the ground. This is a mixture of the old Jujutsu grappling techniques, and the techniques from the CSW system taught by Erik Paulson.

Children’s Program

At the West Louisiana Jujutsu Training Academy we take great pride in our Children’s Program. We firmly believe that Martial Arts can be a powerful tool in shaping the character of tomorrow’s leaders. We have seen countless transformations of behavior, attitude, and temperament in our young students. The kids are taught honor, respect, strength, discipline, confidence, and leadership. The students in our youth Jujutsu classes learn the basic foot work, balance, and posture to establish strong roots into their advanced training. The kids start of in the beginners’ class learning rolls, breakfalls, Tai- Sabaki (body movement) and the basics to grappling. Once they move into the advanced Jujutsu class they then start learning all of their blocking, striking, throwing, and advanced grappling. In our advanced classes we allow the students to spar, and free roll with one another to sharpen their skills and minds.