The Most Important Technique You Can Ever Learn In The Martial Arts.


     My son has a teacher who actually has taught two of my children in school and I have a lot of respect for her.  Not for just putting up with the kids but also for her ability to teach kids how to swim.  From what I understand she is amazing and has an ability to teach anyone. We all want our kids to learn how to swim due to the fact that if they ever ended up in a pool or lake due to an accident they would know how to survive.  My point here is simple even down to the point of breathing correctly when we swim.  See when we breathe correctly in swimming it helps us with to stay afloat, stay focused, and will help to keep us calm.

     According to the CDC over 25,000 adults died from falls that happen by accident and over 2.5 million where treated in the emergency room. Many who fall and survive actually develop a  fear of falling.  This will lead to people who will limit their activities. This fear will cause people to limit what they do physically which normally leads to reduced mobility and a loss of physical fitness. This will lead to an increase in their chances of falling and sustaining a serious injury.

  In the very beginning of my Martial Arts training especially in Jujutsu.  The first thing that we started to learn was how to fall correctly and do roll outs. The term (" Ukemi Waza)  Break Falling Techniques" we would always warm up at the beginning of class and have done thousands of rolls and falls as a student.  By learning how to do rolls and break falls you are starting to over come the fear of falling.  You are learning how to properly breathe and fall to many different angels in order to properly break the fall and protect yourself. By learning how to fall you over come the fear and learn how to absorb the fall.   

     Over the years I have always been blown away by some of my teachers who are now in their 70's and still take falls the way that they do.  One thing I will leave you with.  Very few students ever use what they have learned in the martial arts in a combat situation. I think this is due to the fact that as a martial artist we learn how not to fight and that we don't need too.  The one that we are normally fighting is our self.    Training is great and a lot of fun.  However nearly every student will use their ability to fall properly to protect themselves from serious harm at some point – and the odds of needing good ukemi get higher the older you get! I have fell many times and every time I am thankful for what my teacher taught me.  

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