Just to take a moment and give everyone an update. 


     Things have been moving so fast for us over the last several months.  So I am totally new to this whole blogging aspect but I figure this might be a great way to reach out to our Students and maybe some that are just finding out about us.  So I just put out a brief video about our school on facebook.  Been getting alot of good feedback from it.  Actually Sensei Anita and I have been really busy on doing a lot of content like this for all of our students.  We have shot the video's for the online university for all of our Little Samurai's student's.  We have done videos that will eventually go on the website and other social media platform describing her little Samurai classes. Then there are the ones that describe what we do in our youth and adult classes.  We have also added the CSW and STX class on Tuesday evenings and it has taken off.  

     We will be starting our Iai-jutsu training with the kids in January and I will also start teaching and adult version of this soon after we start with the kids.  So if you really want to get smooth with your technique then get active in this training.

    I am going to make this short bu before signing off I wan to say thanks to all of our students Adults, Kids, and Parents for all your support and help.


God Bless!

Shihan Harvey


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