Joey Harvey

Over 33 years of martial arts expertise in a variety of disciplines -- teaches combat martial arts and offensive/defensive techniques to educate and drill students on saving their lives and lives of others. 



  • Martial Arts Instruction & Evaluation
  • Combat Fighting (Tactical Offensive and Defensive Training)
  • Naishin Ryu Jujutsu & Naishin Ryu Toide
  • Savate-Thai-Crosstraining
  • Combat Submission Wrestling
  • Katana, Bo, Jo, Knife, Stick, Spear, Sai, Tonfa
  • Combat Ki-Jutsu



  • Charter Board Member of United Combat Martial Arts Alliance
  • Former Uchi Deshi Shihan - Juko Kai International
  • 9th Degree Black Belt in Naishin Ryu Jujutsu - UCMAA
  • 5th Degree Black Belt in Naishin Ryu Ki Jutsu - UCMAA
  • 5th Degree Black Belt in Naishin Ryu Kempo
  • Combat Submission Wrestling Coach Level II (Erik Paulson)
  • Law Enforcement Standards Training Instructor
  • Weapons Expert (Multiple Certifications)



  • Industrial Engineer
    • Northwestern State University – Natchitoches, LA



  • Founder & Master Instructor                                                                                              2002-Present
    • West Louisiana Jujutsu Training Academy
      • Developed, manage, and instruct students in combat martial arts. Plan and coordinate training seminars (tactical combat, MMA, traditional martial arts, and weapons), lead individual training sessions, create teaching protocols, and manage students.
  • Division Head                                                                                                                    2012-2017
  • Juko-Kai International Kobujutsu Division                                                                      
  • Juko-Ryu Jujutsu Division Head                                                                                           2017
  • US Specialized Law Enforcement 
  • Jujutsu and Ki Instructor                                                                                                    1994-Present
  • National Demonstration Team 
  • Television Demonstrations   
  • Fox’s Sports, Sports Science / History Channel Stan Lee Super Humans / Japanese Demo.



  • Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Charter member United Combat Martial Arts Alliance, and Combat Submission Wrestling.



First, I would like to say thanks to my beautiful wife Anita and my four children Elizabeth, Madison Paige, Madison Rose, and Dawson Harvey. I would not be where I am today without your love and support. I also want to say thanks to my parents John and Patricia Harvey for all of your encouragement.

My martial arts journey began as a very young boy. I had watched how hard my Mom worked at going to school to become a school teacher. When she finished her education we moved to a new school in Rosepine, LA. At this point I had started to be bullied by my classmates. I would not stand up for myself because I did not want to get my Mom in trouble or jeopardize her new position. This actually lead me down a road of being afraid of getting into a fight, being hit, getting hurt, and even standing up for myself. So I remember buying a Karate book from the book fair at school one year. I had decided I wanted to learn how to defend myself due to me being bullied at school. To this day I can still remember that little red Karate book and several pictures in it. Some of the best memories were getting in the back yard trying to do what I saw in the book. Especially when I made the homemade Nunchaku and busted out my brothers bed room window. I do wish that I still had a copy of it. However I did not learn how to defend myself or even conquer my fears from this book. It was however what started my journey and love for the arts.

My real training began when I met my first real instructor, Shihan John Hebert. When I started, I had decided I was going to learn and be the best that I could be. I was not going to do this halfway. The only way was going to be all the way. I found the training to be absolutely amazing. I was not just learning how to do blocks and strikes, but I was learning how to do locks, chokes, and throws. Then one night I had to face my greatest fear and that was being hit. I actually thought that everyone in the martial arts world was suppose to learn how to do this. So I learned how to suck it up and conquer my fears. However, the greatest lesson that Shihan Hebert shared with me was the word of God. He was backing up everything that my father was teaching me about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

In 1994 I had earned my black belt and at that moment I did not realize that my training was only beginning. At this point, I was able to start training with my instructor’s teachers and later the black belts that they had trained. I look back on this and realize what a blessing it was to have been able to learn from all of these Sensei/Shihan's. It was a humbling experience to start all over and work through and learn other arts from the beginning. This was a group of gentlemen who were older than me but were always supportive, and great role models. From each art that we trained in we had to earn our Dan rank and this allowed us to move up into higher Dan ranks. In time I became a member of the Louisiana Wrecking Crew and over the years I was able to watch members of this group be involved in several demonstrations on various television documentaries. I became a member of the National demo team and have had the opportunity to be on "Stan Lee's Super Human's, Fox Sports - Sports Science, and a Japanese television demo".

As UFC and MMA continued to grow across the country and gain in popularity. I wanted to better myself in the grappling and wrestling world. I had a decent back ground in Judo, but I knew I had more to learn on the ground. I attended a couple of BJJ seminars, and then a close friend recommended me to come to a seminar with this guy named Erik Paulson in Houston, TX. I decided to go and was blown away with all of the material that we went through and how well it was taught. Later, I attended a second seminar and at this point I decided to back up and put a white belt on and start from the beginning again. After many years of training I eventually became a Pro Coach in CSW/STX (Combat Submission Wrestling / Savate Thai Kickboxing) and still continue to train and grow in the martial arts.

I give much gratitude to Rod Sacharnoski and the JKI organization. However in November, 2017 I resigned from JKI after 31 years. Since that time I have joined nine other co-martial artist to become a charter member of the United Combat Martial Arts Alliance (UCMAA). We are a united group of combat martial artist who have come together to create an alliance to encourage, regulate, and support training in the traditional martial arts.

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