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West Louisiana Jujutsu Training Academy

At West Louisiana Jujustu Training Academy, we are proud to help men, women, and children all across our community find success. Our system is built on a traditional combat martial arts strategy with a focus on self-defense for any situation. We work with people of all ages and experience levels, helping you build your skills one step at a time.

Our Kids Martial Arts program is second-to-none with a focus on developing well-rounded students who are prepared for whatever life throws their way. We help kids of all ages develop confidence, respect, discipline, and so much more.

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To be completely transparent, we began jujitsu as a birthday present and did not see it becoming such an integral and necessary part of my children’s lives. Now, it’s sad to think about not having jujitsu, Mr. Joey, and Mrs. Anita in our lives.

The change I’ve seen in my sons are extremely notable and profound. I will share a few of the changes I have noticed:

My oldest son, bless his heart… He was so uncoordinated. Always tipping, falling, and dropping things. It appears now that I see his coordination skills growing and strengthening.

I’m seeing more discipline and more focused little boys, as well. Before they would come home, throw their backpacks down and run off to play. Now they come in, religiously hang their backpacks and begin their homework. There are so many wonderful habits that are instilled in my boys while in class.

My youngest son, he can be very shy! He is really coming out of his bubble. I’m seeing him open up and interact more with children. I attribute this to the classes as there is a lot of one on one interaction and group interaction.

I’m also happy to see their physical activity increase as they like to practice at home and of course, the action they put into every class. A great active life style!

As a former teacher, I have really enjoyed watching Mr. Joey’s and Mrs. Anita’s teaching styles and the way they directly connect with each child. Goal setting is instilled in each child as they are continuously wanting to improve and get the next belt. It is so fulfilling as a parent to see your child work on his own and have the independent drive to want to be better.

Last but not least, I love the confidence they have in themselves and to know that if they ever needed to defend themselves, they would be confident to do so. There’s just not enough good that I could say about the school and staff!

If you are on the fence about it, I encourage you to go now… Right now and go sign your child up, you will not be disappointed!

West Louisiana Jujutsu Training Academy Peggy P.

Peggy P.

My 5 year old son trained with Sensei and Shihan for about eight months, and over that short time he became a better person at home, school and socially. He had a blast every session and always looked forward to class. We recently moved to New York where he wanted to continue training; I found a local Tae Kwon Do course for 6-9 year olds where I was able to talk the Grand Master into letting my son try out despite his age (he is still 5) and show them what he learned from WLJTA. The GM instantly gave approval to him as the youngest member of the class, and said he was very impressed with his movements, listening skills and ability to learn new tasks. The entire team at WLJTA has the students in mind first and the skills they learn are invaluable across all aspects of life.

West Louisiana Jujutsu Training Academy Rogue S.

Rogue S.

I've been training in martial arts for about fifteen years now and I've seen more dojos and gyms come and go in this town than I can count, all save this one, and with good reason. Where a lot of schools fail is treating it like a business first and putting the integrity of the arts at a long distant second, but the head instructor's passion for martial arts and dedication to his students is plain as day. Would absolutely recommend for anyone, kids or adults.

West Louisiana Jujutsu Training Academy Adrian R.

Adrian R.

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